Still MORE Thoughts on Colonge

Per the Telegraph: suspects in the mass groping attacks claimed to be Syrian refugees. 

  1. Obviously if the police knew it the politician knew it, so obviously they were lying when they told their people that there was no connection between this bunch of Arab men and the ones they invited into their country.
  2. The media was complicit in the lie, covering up the story for days.
  3. Oh, it gets better: the police let the perps all go.
  4. Oh, then it gets even better:Police were heavily outnumbered and prevented from reaching victims by the crowd, the report said. Several offenders who were ordered to leave returned to the scene and made a joke of it. 

But now, we have to keep all this in perspective. As their police are humiliated, their politicians lie to them and their daughters get molested and raped, Germans should KEEP CALM and remember the following points:

  1. If any of the rapey Arabs ever get jobs, labor costs will go down and stock prices will go up.
  2. Diversity!
  3. If you didn’t let these guys in, they would still be in a refugee camp in Turkey, and that would be bad… for some reason.
  4. Your politicians got to show the world how compassionate they are. If you want to be compassionate, you have to break a few eggs, get women raped, Paris shot to hell, etc.
  5. As your country turns into something you don’t recognize, an essentially foreign land resembling the West Bank, you will always have John Lennon’s Imagine… Something tells me you’ll being hearing that song a lot the next few years.




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