Don’t Piss On My Shoes And Tell Me Its Raining

The Mayor of Cologne, Henrietta Reker’s response to a recent outburst of attempted rapes on New Year’s day was to council women to stay out of reach of strangers, stick to their groups, and avoid intoxication. Why not just ask them to wear burkas? The only job of a Mayor is such an outbreak is to make sure the police track down the criminals and arrest them.

German Rape Prevention Kit.

German Rape Prevention Kit.

I’m sure the Mayor had some good intentions: there are a thousand Arabs in Cologne going rape crazy and the police can’t do anything about it, so it is reasonable that women take precautions.

What is the line between slut-shaming and giving prudent advice?

Rape or sexual assault is never any more justifiable than murder, but there are ways to avoid being a victim. If you are a white man like me, and you value your life and property, you should avoid certain sections of Roxbury Massachusetts at night. If you are a young woman, you should avoid getting drunk and passing out in mixed company. That is not an excuse for bad behavior, it is simply about navigating reality.

So to my mind the distinction is quite clear: the slut-shamer uses the imprudent behavior of the woman to diminish the culpability of the perpetrator. That seems to be happening here: no one expects the Arab rape mobs to have a change of heart, and no one expects Arab immigration to stop any time soon. Welcome to the new Europe.

What makes her statements so frustrating is that Frau Reker is doing what politicians always do: pissing on your shoes and complaining about the rain, that is, creating a problem and then pretending to sympathize with your plight. The real questions: Why are rape-crazed Arabs taking over train stations in the first place? Why were the police not able to control the situation and when will you fire the chief of police?

Pissing on your shoes and telling you it is raining is the standard response of European leaders to every problem related to Arab immigration. 12 year old girls getting raped? Paris getting shot up? Cartoonists murdered? Synagogues firebombed? 1000 drunks attacking women? The response is always the same: so sorry about the mess, my heart bleeds for the victims, let’s play John Lennon’s Imagine for them and hold a candlelight vigil. Anyone who questions the wisdom of importing millions more Arabs when the ones already in Europe are doing such a bad job of integrating is dismissed as a racist.



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  1. Yep, words of wisdom indeed. Politicians love to tickle our ears, tell us what we want to hear, pretend they are solving problems….usually problems caused by their own poor policies.

    I got into a spat once over rape prevention tips, travel in pairs, stay out of parking garages…. and perhaps we need a curfew for women? For our own good of course. I suggested we should just make it mandatory women arm themselves, either a gun or even a taser. What makes that suggestion amusing is the resistance it always causes. Don’t you know how dangerous that would be, armed mobs of trigger happy women roaming our streets? Well, hey, if it makes you that nervous, stay off the streets….

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