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I usually don’t let myself think of spring until well into February. Last year spring came late; I found myself buying books on fly fishing and gardening just to see pictures of green stuff. I don’t even garden! It was a cold spring and even a cold, dry summer. Maybe I’m jinxing it, but this […]

Scopes Monkey Trial

Rod Dreher has an interesting post on eugenics today. We don’t like to think about it much today, but eugenics was an accepted part of the American Progressive movement up until World War II, when Hitler gave it a bad name. It was supported by such Progressive icons as W.E.B. DuBois, Oliver Wendell Holmes, and […]

Well, That Is One Way to Fix Europe’s Demographic Problem

After much head-scratching I’ve come to the conclusion that the reason European leaders see unlimited immigration as such a good thing is because they are aware that given current birth-rates, the European welfare states are unsustainable. So they plan to fix that by importing rapists, and forbidding girls to defend themselves. Lay back, and think of […]


In August I spent a weekend backpacking up in Maine’s Nahmakanta Public Reserve Land. Maine has thousands of acres of public land open to use for hiking, hunting and fishing, which they also lease to logging companies. The logging companies maintain the roads, so you have to pay a fee (about $20) to use them. […]

Is this what collapse looks like?

Are we approaching a kind of cultural collapse? I’ve been pointing out how, during the immigrant crisis, the default mode of European governments has been to piss on people’s shoes and complain about the rain: dozens of people murdered in Paris? How awful! If only there were someone, somewhere, who could so something about it! […]

Trump and Palin

Sarah Palin endorsed Donald Trump. Rather than groan in disgust, Ross Douthat offers this thoughtful piece: First, Palin is not a Reganite wonk, and never was. She has always been a populist like Trump: … her record way up north was reformist in a distinctly nonideological way: She was best known for fighting a corrupt nexus […]

America’s Dominant Religion

A few weeks ago I mentioned in passing how America’s dominant religion is not “Christianity”, as if Christianity were a monolithic thing, but Liberal Christianity. Liberal Christianity is not any one denomination, though it tends to be identified more closely with mainline Protestantism, what used to be called “The Seven Sisters” of Methodist, Episcopal, United Church […]