Feel-Good Story of the Day


According to the Daily Beast, ESPN is bleeding money and firing staff. This is great news for a few reasons.

  1. ESPN is a fraud. It pretends to be sports journalism, admits to itself that it is sports entertainment, but deep down is just sports advertisement.
  2. ESPN is deeply in bed with the leagues it covers. Objectivity is not really possible.
  3. ESPN hates its audience. Why would the network spend so much time telling basketball and college football fans how brave and beautiful Bruce Jenner is for wearing a dress if not out of a sadistic desire to punish them?

ESPN is bombing because people are just not interested in cable TV. It is overpriced and the service is bad. They still can’t get live sports on the internet and they cut the cable cord anyway.

Thing is, if ESPN tanks then what happens to all the lesser sports stations? What happens to NFL network, FOX sports, or the myriad local stations? Here in Massachusetts we have two cable networks dedicated to sports, and the Red Sox owns one of them. I think in New York they have cable channels dedicated to each team.

Those cable stations represent TV revenue for teams, without which they will be crushed under some of the outrageous – and in some sports, guaranteed – contracts.

Is the age of billion dollar sports franchises over?

Can’t think that is a bad thing.

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