Monthly Archives: December 2015

Community, Conservation, and Classical Music.

Roger Scruton in defense of classical music says: It really matters to the future of our societies that classical music should survive, not as a museum exhibit but as a live tradition of performance and enjoyment, radiating its grace and graciousness across our communities, and providing us all, whether as performers or as listeners, with […]


Clearing out my phone today I was heartened to see some reminders of summer. Even though this has been a warm December it rains most of the time and the days are short; I drive to work each morning and drive home each night in the dark. These photos are all from a hike with […]

Doing Atheism Wrong

An atheist is a materialist. For him the only thing that exists is the material world. While we can wonder about why this or that being is the way it is, questions about what causes the material world as such are nonsensical, as are questions of its meaning and value, which imply finality. So the atheist […]

Some thoughts on Islamophobia

I am not a Muslim and have never studied the Koran. As such, I have no business opining on whether Islam is inherently peaceful or inherently violent. It is simply not my problem, and I have no theoretical interest in it. As an American citizen however I do have an opinion on national security: I […]

Modern Prohibition

Kevin Williamson on Prohibition movements: Our new prohibitionists are a lot like the old ones. The nice corduroy-clad liberals in places such as Georgetown and the Upper West Side use guns as a stand-in for the sort of people who own guns in much the same way as the old WASP prohibitionists used booze as […]

The Imploding Conservative Movement

From 1980s until the 2000s, conservative Christians hitched their wagons to the Republican party and the broader conservative movement, which was about cultural preservation and personal freedom – free markets being an essential part of that freedom. It seems that the free market part has eaten up the other two, and all we are stuck […]

Let it be a school.

Anthony Esolen writes about Sacred Heart Academy, a school in Grand Rapids that was on the verge of closing and trying to come up with ways to save itself. The answer, it turns out, was simple: how does one revive a failing Catholic school? Let it be Catholic, and let it be a school. In other words, the […]