Good Luck with That


Does this guy look joyful to you?

He doesn’t want prayer? OK. Does he want us to send James Taylor again? We just sent John Kerry who pretty much blamed the Carlie Hebdo victims for being too French.

Kerry’s remarks are a sign of the future. Every time Israelis get murdered by Palestinians, the world rolls its eyes and says, Why don’t they just die already. A few more attacks and we’ll all be saying the same about Paris: stop being so French. Put on burkas fer gossake.

If the prayers offered are merely symbolic and therapeutic, then I wouldn’t want them either. The fellow in the cartoon should be asking for guns and ammunition, but he seems to want to fight ISIS with his joi-de-vivre, and dazzle suicide bombers with his glittering night life.

Good luck with that.

John Oliver wants the French to pit their pastries against the guns of ISIS.

Good luck with that.

Someone croons John Lennon’s Imagine for the millionth time. Are they hoping against hope that its tired nihilism has some effect? Is it the secularist’s version of a prayer?

Good luck with that.

What sort of society reacts to this sort of violence with tired symbolism? I guess it is important to buck up the French and make them feel good abut their country, but I would think the time for symbols ended with the Charlie Hebdo killings.

I hate to say it, but the only person talking any sense is Francois Hollande, who wants police action and a robust bombing campaign. I doubt it will last though. Hollande’s approval rating in France usually hovers around 18%. ISIS has a French approval rating of 16%.

Good luck with that.





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