False Equivalents

False Equivocation One: Saying we shouldn’t blindly accept Middle Eastern refugees is like saying we shouldn’t accept Cuban refugees!

Response: If Cuban refugees had a history of strapping on suicide vests that would mean something.

Cuando sali de Cuba

Cuando sali de Cuba, olvide mi AK-47.

False Equivocation Two: The real problem is religion.

Response: Those damn Amish again?

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  1. LOL, okay that Amish picture made me laugh.

    Another false equivalent is “not all Muslims are like that.” True, but not all Germans were Nazis either. That argument has no bearing on the threat that is posed. You can find good people in any group, but that doesn’t mean that bad people don’t exist.

  2. haydenridsdale · · Reply

    In that argument you shouldn’t blindly accept any migrants. They’re escaping exactly what the world sees. Also, it’s not the middle east that produces terrorists, counties across Europe has done so – that’s not the middle east. The problem is with radicalising members of the religion, not the people of a country.

    1. Correct, no one should blindly accept any migrants but find out if they want to assimilate and weed out potential criminals, no matter the country of origin. This is common sense.
      For the past decade or so European terrorists have generally been of African or Arab origin, not Arab Christians, Jews, or Druse but Arab Muslims. It is not anybody’s business why they are prone to this behavior, the fact is that they are and they should be subject to special scrutiny.

      1. haydenridsdale · ·

        How outrageous to conclude that any human should be subject to special scrutiny. You cannot possibly suggest that due to someone being from a certain country that one should be more weary of them or be suspicious of them being a terrorist. You cannot generalise a whole nation of people based on a few, the same way you don’t generalise a whole religion based on a few who follow a disturbing version of it.

        It’s like concluding that all Irish nationals are members of Sinn Fein and support what’s left of IRA – so they should be subject to special scrutiny based on acts of terror in the past.

        What a ludicrous claim.

      2. Tell that to the people killed in Paris.
        It is a simple matter of risk assessment. High risk groups should be subject to special scrutiny.
        You come up with another failed generalization that by my rationale all Irish people should be held under suspicion. The key phrase is “in the past”. The IRA has not carried out a terrorist attack for years. ISIS was active within the week, or haven’t you been watching the news. Can you see the difference in risk?

      3. haydenridsdale · ·

        I am sure you may have some Parisians on your side but also many Parisians would side with me. The difference in risk is very blatant of course, but it doesn’t change the fact that you shouldn’t generalise a whole group of people based on a tiny minority. The only way people should be subject to special scrutiny is if they are a high risk individual. Innocent Syrian refugees are not high risk in the most case. Yes, necessary checks should be carried out, but those checks should be carried out against absolutely anyone seeking citizenship or asylum in any country, not just because they’re of an Arab nation or Arab in origin. If someone seems suspicious then they should be subject to further investigation, or what you may refer to as special scrutiny.

        Also, let me use your flawed logic for something else and not necessary so political. The high majorify of rape is carried out by a male, so by your way of thinking every single male should be subject to ‘special scrutiny’ as they might be a rapist. You cannot say rape is not active, it happens daily whether we know about a new case each day or not.

  3. “How outrageous to conclude that any human should be subject to special scrutiny.”

    Well sheesh, I wish I’d known that before I subjected myself to a background check, drug screening, credit check, and digital finger printing. Our own citizens can’t even work a minimum wage job or rent an apartment without being subject to special scrutiny, but let’s not invade the privacy of any refugees?

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