Not All Muslims

I’ve seen a handful of comments on social media condemning all Muslims for the atrocities committed in the name of Islam, but these are very rare. I suppose I understand the anger, after all, it seems like for ever ten mass murders, nine are carried out by some guy named Mohammed, but a moment’s reflection tells us that the mass murderers represent a tiny proportion of Islam. Not everybody is in the habit of taking a two seconds to think, but objectively speaking anyone over the age of thirteen should be able to figure it out on their own.

Much more common is the opposite: the need to constantly, almost obsessively, point out the obvious fact that not all Muslims are mass murderers. I suppose the motives are decent enough: we are disgusted by the “nuke the Muslims” morons, and we fear that given the tribal tendencies of human nature some people might go seeking to wreak revenge on innocent Muslims. But pointing out that not all Muslims are mass murderers is about as useful to public discourse as holding a candlelight vigil for the dead Parisians.

Another theme of social commentary is to blame Bush (pronounced Booooosh! with flecks of spittle added in.) That is equally useless. It feels good to judge the past with the perspectives of today, and it also feels good to deflect blame from current world leaders. But you cannot blame Bush for the rise of ISIS and not also blame Obama for creating a power vacuum by withdrawing from Iraq, nor absolve current EU leadership for allowing waves of unscreened refugees to walk into Europe knowing full well what would happen if out of the thousands of refugees there were a handful of terrorists.

The discussion should not consist of revenge fantasies or moral posturing, but asking what nations should be doing to keep this from happening again.

The problem is, keeping this from happening again implies hard work. It means controlling borders, screening immigrants, and turning many of them away no matter how bad you might feel about it. It means being willing to fight a long, ugly war, but one limited by prudence. It means the kind of diplomatic engagement for which few people have patience.



  1. narcissus101 · · Reply

    Your title says it all…NOT ALL MUSLIMS

    1. Well, if you read the post you might not be so supportive.

  2. You are advocating rationality my friend. The only thing worth advocating. Well said.

  3. narcissus101 · · Reply

    I did read it,,yet I say, your title says it all.

  4. narcissus101 · · Reply

    I wrote a similar post, under the circumstances I believe it’s a perfect answer to your post

  5. I’m out of the loop. Have recently arrived refugees been identified as the perpetrators?

    1. I might have jumped the gun on this one. I heard a few minutes ago that the one they’ve identified was a French citizen. But the issue of who you are letting into your country and their desire to assimilate or not still remains.

  6. Here’s another perspective I found from a commenter on a news-type thread.

    ”Syria destroyed Lebanon and its attempt at democracy. Syria and Iran have destroyed Syria, which has not had democracy since the French left.
    Iraq has been a basket case almost from its conception as a state in 1920. The Brits had the common sense not to put an Iraqi in charge they chose King Faisal. Sunni’s and Shia kept cutting of each other’s throats to a minimum for the following 12 years. Unfortunately in 1933 Faisal died.
    Faisal son, Ghazi took over the reins of governance which quickly descended into typical Sunni/Shia chaos. By 1958 the armed forces overthrew the monarchy. Parliament was abolished and military rule imposed under Brigadier Abd al-Karim Qassam as P.M.. A year later a Ba’thist hit team failed to assassinate Qassem, and Saddam Hussain escaped to Syria. In 1963 Ba’thists overthrew Qassem to survive in power for nine months until the next military take over. In 1968 Ba’thists struck again with another coup. Hasan al Bakr became President and Commander-In Chief.
    By 1972 the Iraq Petroleum Company was nationalised to provide power with so much greed it’s difficult to rationalise. Saddam was in power by 1972, stripping Bakr of all authority, placing him under arrest, he then had 500 Ba’thists executed. Nine years on Saddam tried to execute Iran for 8 years. Somewhat disgruntled by failure he had his air force drop chemical bombs on Kurdish villages, estimated deaths 50,000-180,000. In 1990 Saddam’s troops killed a few thousand more neighbours in Kuwait. It should be noted that throughout this period Iraq was and still is ruled by an alliance of questionable divine guidance.”

    Religion, Greed, power, and of course …. oil.

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