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Schubert’s Mass in G: Gloria!

After the meditative Kyrie we saw a couple of days ago, Schubert decides to knock the audience off its feet with this: The stark contrast is intentional, and it gives a taste of the fantastic musical range in this work. This is a fine energetic young choir, my only critique would be that they should […]

King of Trees

The American Chestnut was once known as The King of Trees: it is the tallest species of chestnut tree, easily reaching 90 feet and taller. Its wood is strong, light and rot-resistant and was used for everything from fence-rails to furniture. Its nuts are sweeter than the European version, and were used not only for […]

Schubert’s Mass in G: Kyrie

Back in the Spring I had the pleasure of singing Schubert’s Mass in G with a local choir, Harvard Pro Musica (Harvard the inland rural Massachusetts town, not the University.) I wish I could insert our performance, but I’d rather not pay for the audio embedding add-on. I’ll just use some other choir’s YouTube version. […]

Why There is No Such Thing as Conspiracies

Tongue firmly planted in cheek, Rod Dreher asked on his blog: what, besides the existence of aliens, is the biggest secret the government keeps from us? Among the jocular responses was this gem, which I think sums up the key weakness of our Federal Government: I have seen the flow of information around Washington up close for […]

Common Sense Conservation

Bartlett Pond was built a century ago by damming the Wekepeke Brook, a tributary of the Nashua River, in order to power the saws of a furniture mill. Wekepeke Brook is actually the last remnant of Wekepeke Lake, a glacial lake that at one time covered the town of Sterling, Massachusetts, and large parts of […]

America is Being Run by Imbeciles, Vol XXIV

Pope Francis is visiting the United States this fall, which is nice of him. I hope he has a good time. President Obama is going to be rolling out the red carpet for the Pope, as Presidents are supposed to do nowadays. I’m not sure how much I like the tradition. Yes, the Pope is […]

Coddling the American Mind

The latest issue of The Atlantic talks about the rise of efforts on college campuses to eliminate from the curriculum whatever a student might find disturbing. This, according to The Atlantic, is bad not just for the student’s education and future professional life, but also their mental health. The thought patterns which colleges are trying to encourage […]