Emotional Incontience


Hey Simba, don’t let Disney know about the time I ate all your brothers and sisters. It would be bad PR.

Once again, a lion is shot, and a vast section of America enters emotional meltdown.

Most hunters when they wound an animal feel sick. But it happens, and the only thing to do is to keep practicing your aim.

It seems that the hunter in question had been led into a restricted area by his guides without his knowledge, making the kill illegal. Poaching is illegal for a reason, and should be prosecuted, but it is nothing to ruin a man’s life over.

But the hunter’s life has been ruined: his identity, home address and place of business have been publicized so that he could be subjected to a wave of emotional diarrhea, including death threats, by human beings incapable of exercising good judgement, self control, or dispassioned argument.

It is very clear that Americans are getting dumber, more shrill, self-righteous, and narcissistic. They are becoming more impervious to common sense. That Jimmy Kimmel, a grown man in his forties, should break down crying on TV eulogizing a dead lion is a sign of that decline.

If people can’t step back and think, if they let themselves be whipped into mob frenzy by the latest internet outrage machine, how can they be trusted to do things like vote or serve on juries? But they do have those rights whether it is a good idea or not, and nothing can be done about it.

We can however watch our own behavior. We can refuse to go along with obvious click-bait and outrage memes, especially when they confirm our own biases. We can confidently tell the social justice brigades to screw off when we run afoul of their hissy-fits. We can learn the arts of unplugging, of reading timeless books, of retreating to nature, of preferring human interaction to social media.

Those personal habits might be the only thing that keeps us from sliding along with the general idiocy.



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