Cult Thinking at its Finest


Using the above picture, a fascinating meme made the Facebook rounds the other day, arguing that Obama really does deserve his Nobel Peace Prize for having achieved a settlement with Iran.

Of course, when the newly elected Obama actually won his Peace Prize he had achieved absolutely nothing on the world stage. To his credit, Obama seemed embarrassed, as any decent man would be. He knew he had done nothing to deserve it but felt he could not back out, and made the best of the situation. Only rabid supporters argued that he had somehow merited the prize.

Those same rabid supporters, ignoring the fact that Obama is directly responsible for the chaos in Libya and partly responsible for the collapse of Iraq, are now cheering him for achieving a one-sided and unenforceable deal with an untrustworthy Iran.

The irony of course is that Iran is everything the cultists once claimed to hate. I remember a time many, many years ago, (2008) when the left was against nuclear weapons, homophobia, regime change, theocracy, fossil fuel and other such evils.

  • Iran is homophobic to the point of executing gays.
  • Iran is a theocracy.
  • Iran is in love with nuclear weapons.
  • Iran is paranoid.
  • Iran is antisemitic.
  • Iran is a war-mongering terror state.
  • Iran just engineered regime change in Yemen.
  • Iran’s economy is based on fossil fuels.

The deal gives Iran a green light to achieve nuclear weapons and Middle Eastern hegemony. A nuclear Iran is immune to retaliation for terrorist attacks, so we can expect those to increase in the short term.

This is a good thing, see, because Obama wants it. For the cult followers whatever Obama wants is good.

This is what Ace of Spades calls the McGuffinization of American politics. For Alfred Hitchcock the McGuffin is the thing the hero of the movie wants. It has no value in itself: it does not matter if it is the Maltese Falcon or the Ark of the Covenant; it is irrelevant what is in Mr. Wallace’s suitcase. It only matters to the audience because the hero is trying to get it, and the bad guys are keeping him from it.

Obama is the hero of the movie: if he wants to hand Middle Eastern hegemony to a bunch of gay killing, terrorist supporting, nuclear bomb loving, oil pumping, Jew hating fascists with Messianic aspirations, then hurrah for dead gays, terrorism and nuclear armed theocracy. The mean ol’ Republicans (who already shot themselves in the foot and probably ruined any chance of blocking the deal) are the bad guys for expressing reserves.

Now, I suspect that Obama is gambling that the Iranian theocracy will not last forever given Iran’s current demographic decline and the unrest among the younger urbanites. In 10 or 20 years it could actually become a normal country, and this sort of deal could put America on the side of what will then be a prosperous democracy and local hegemon.

Gosh, I hope so. After all, Nixon did go to China in order to widen the Sino-Russian split as well as buy America time to escape Vietnam; that diplomatic move has paid off commercially and curbed some (not all) of China’s irresponsibility.

Except Nixon was cunning, Obama isn’t. All the rest of Obama’s international bets – post-Qaddafi democracy in Libya, a stable post-withdrawal Iraq, a friendly Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, a reasonable Putin- have been utterly wrong.


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