Sanders vs Trump, 2016

Elderly fruitcake socialist Senator Bernie Sanders is running against Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, and flamboyant celebrity asshole Donald Trump is running for the Republican nomination.

Strangely, both are doing very well in the polls. Why?

I think it is simple: Democrats are sick of being lied to by Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, and Republicans are sick of being lied to by the likes of Mitch McConnell and John Boehner.

Sanders points out what we all know but refuse to say: the Obama economy stinks, no matter what the President tells us. Official unemployment is at around 6%, but that does not include people who have given up looking for work; the real number is over 10%. Incomes have been stagnant for all but the super wealthy.

Trump points out what we all know, but which Democrats and Republicans alike refuse to say: uncontrolled and undocumented immigration from Mexico and Central America is bad for the country as a whole, but good for Democrat donors in Silicon Valley who don’t want to mow their own lawns, and for Republican house builders who don’t want to pay minimum wage to citizens.

A Trump vs Sanders Presidential election would be great for the comic value and good for my inner nihilist who just wants to watch the world burn, but sad for the country. Trump is a clown, Sanders an economic illiterate. It would be a testimony to the massive failure of the political classes to be honest with their constituents.

Actually, their constituents would probably forgive being lied to; what the constituents really seem to hate is being despised.

My gut feeling about the upcoming election is that it will be a small-name Democrat like Martin O’Malley or Jim Webb (I’d prefer Webb) against Republican Marco Rubio (though I’d prefer a governor like Kasich.)

In spite of her name recognition and massive political machine, there is nothing to like about Hillary Clinton: cold, greedy, dishonest, and a miserable failure in the State Department. Jeb Bush who, for some reason no one has been able to figure out, is the Republican front-runner, is probably a decent guy but he does not seem to understand how the country has changed since his brother ran for President.

In the meantime, a dark cloud emanating from the fetid swampland of the upper Midwest descends upon the rest of the nation: the Dark Lord himself has just officially declared he is running for President.

Scott Walker: Why vote for a lesser evil?

Scott Walker: Why vote for a lesser evil?


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