Monthly Archives: July 2015

Emotional Incontience

Once again, a lion is shot, and a vast section of America enters emotional meltdown. Most hunters when they wound an animal feel sick. But it happens, and the only thing to do is to keep practicing your aim. It seems that the hunter in question had been led into a restricted area by his guides without his […]

The Best Argument Against White Supremacy…

The best argument against white supremacy is the manifest inferiority of white supremacists. Americans are not particularly racist compared to other nationalities I’ve known, but I am afraid we will become more racist, not less, with time. This fear is based on some recent flare-ups on twitter pitting conservatives like blogger Ace of Spades, actor Nick […]

Abortion and Euphamsim

I am personally Pro-Life but ambivalent about abortion laws: in an ideal society abortion would be as illegal as infanticide. Thing is, ideal societies do not exist. Politics is the art of the possible, and law is about punishing people. It is politically impossible to ban abortion. The Roe v Wade decision was bad jurisprudence […]

Withdrawing From The World II

According to Rod Dreher and other proponents of “The Benedict Option”, the Supreme Court’s marriage decision represents the end of the synthesis between Christian America and Liberal America. “Liberal America” does not refer to the contemporary ideology of Liberalism or Progressivism but the inheritance of the 18th century Enlightenment: individualism, free-markets, and state agnosticism about doctrinal questions. For a […]

Another Reason To Love Ace of Spades

Matt Lewis of The Daily Beast calls upon Rush Limbaugh to excommunicate celebrity blowhard and Presidential candidate Donald Trump from the Republican party on account of his buffoonery. Limbaugh (who is still very popular, I’ve never been a fan) has not exactly been defending Trump, but has not been attacking him either. Lewis thinks Limbaugh is just […]

It’s Complicated

The Confederate Flag flap seems to be dying down a little, for the simple reason that it is very hard to sustain feelings of mindless outrage for more than two minutes at a time. Maybe, some day, Daisy Duke will grace television again. Outrage is of course selective: the Dukes of Hazard are banned from […]

Mass Shooters

Yesterday the Aurora Colorado shooter was found guilty of murder, and a young Muslim shot up an Army base in Tennessee. Politicians will typically use these incidents to whip up fear depending on the stated or imagined motivation of the killer. If the killer was a Muslim, it is used by Republicans to attack President […]