There are widespread calls to ban the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia (aka “The Confederate Flag”) after the murder of nine black churchgoers by a deranged boy.

Republicans and Democrats alike call for it, because they are all incredibly stupid human beings.

Here is an AMAZING FACT: the Battle Flag didn’t kill those nine people, a deranged boy did.

Here is another AMAZING FACT: the deranged boy would have killed those nine people if the Battle Flag was flying over the Statehouse or not.

So why are politicians jumping all over the Battle Flag when it is irrelevant to the case at hand?

Because they are droolingly stupid, and they imagine you to be even stupider. They are dumb enough to think a vague symbolic gesture of only the most tangential relation to the issue at hand is “doing something”, and they imagine you, dear fellow American, are dumb enough to agree with them rather than tar and feather them for incompetence.

Well, are you?

Some politicians who are not droolingly stupid, but just mid-grade intellects who gravitate to preening moralism the way an onanist’s hand gravitates to his crotch, are blaming the unconscious, invisible and entirely undetectable racism of the white middle class for the actions of the deranged boy. (Yes, I’m talking about Obama.)

AMAZING FACT: A habit which is invisible, undetectable, and unconscious, probably does not exist.

I’ve known all kinds of people from all over the world: the least racist people on the face of the planet are middle class white Americans, of the North or the South. They are less racist than Europeans, who in turn are less racist than Latin Americans, who are in turn less racist than Asians.

The deranged boy was a racist looking to murder blacks because he was deranged, not the other way around. If his cause wasn’t the white race it would have been Islam, the environment, abortion, evil corporations, or the Government.

If his target hadn’t been blacks it would have been Jews, postal workers, or an Army base. If he hadn’t used a gun it would have been a bomb.

These are the facts we have to deal with: isolated, over-medicated crazies need to be spotted and institutionalized.

Anything is else is a waste of time, useless and self-serving moral preening, and an insult to the national intelligence.






  1. I agree with you here. I think on some psychological level we think that this is something tangible we can do in the wake of a tragedy that leaves us Feeling helpless. Will taking down the flag prevent future hate crimes? Likely not. But it makes us feel like we’ve done something

  2. I stand under correction but didn’t this bloke have the former apartheid South African flag on his jacket/shirt or something?

    He certainly seemed to have an allegiance with racist memorabilia/symbolism.
    Irrespective of the relevance of this flag to the Charleston shootings what this flag represents i the eyes and minds of many people is a reminder of the heinous past and that in itself should be motivation enough to get rid of it.
    In the same way South Africa no longer permits public display of the old SA flags so your country should make every effort to rid itself of such vile symbolism.

    No, it won’t wipe out racism or hate , of course not.But it does show that a (large?) percentage of Americans are at least acknowledging the hurt such symbols cause some people and are prepared to make moves to see them for what are, racist, and make every effort to get rid of them.

    Considering the history there really is no honest justification for keeping this flag.

    1. The little shit wore the Rhodesian flag.
      The US south is culturally distinct. Many Southerners identify with the military prowess of the Confederacy without attachment to slavery or segregation. Hence the attachment to the Battle Flag.
      Let them celebrate the South with the flag. It hurts nobody.
      Banning it solves nothing. It is cultural bullying and moral preening with the goal of making self righteous picks feel good about themselves.

      1. Ask any black American if they feel happy about the flag.
        It is not cultural bullying you sanctimonious prick.
        The flag represents part of a heinous past that the ”South” wished to hold onto – Slavery.
        They lost a civil war over self- determination and slavery was a large part of this: the right to own another human being.

        Banning will help heal still open wounds, even if only in a small part. It is a positive gesture. And that can only be a good thing for all Americans.
        And you can take your ”cultural heritage” excuse and stick it your arse, you fucking moronic dipshit.

      2. Yes, I am such a sanctimonious prick because I don’t care what bits of colored cloth people want to wave around, and don’t presume to tell them what it should represent to them. If they say it is a celebration of the South, I take them at their word and don’t try to impose my opinion of what it is supposed to mean. I am such a self-righteous jerk.
        Black people I know do not throw hissy fits over The Dukes of Hazzard or what people wear choose to wear to Lynyrd Skynyrd concerts. I guess those black people are sanctimonious pricks and moronic dipshits too.
        Lynyrd Skynyrd: now those guys were sanctimonious pricks. It is like they had tolerant, easy going people like you in mind when they wrote this:

      3. Yep, you are.
        That you are not even prepared to acknowledge what it represents and merely ”flag wave” (sic) away such objections illustrates the point.

        And as much as I like Skynard’s music and have been a fan for a long time, they too are pricks for celebrating this flag in any form.

      4. You don’t seem to know the definition of the word “sanctimonious”.
        I am perfectly aware of what the flag meant in 1963. I am perfectly aware of what it means now. I see no reason why anyone would want to fight 50 year old battles except to preen their sense of moral superiority.
        If you are going to be logically consistent you should label Lynyrd Skynyrd “unclean” along with the Dukes of Hazard or whatever else violates your sense of immaculate propriety.
        Here is another bunch of pricks for you to add to your ban list:

      5. And again, you still do not acknowledge the hurt this flag represents to a great deal of people.
        I have never said that ”people should be banned”.
        I am suggesting that this flag should be banned from public display and especially where it is state sanctioned.
        Why are you not dealing with this issue?
        You seem not to think that African Americans have no right to a voice in this issue.
        It is not any sense of immaculate propriety but simply common decency; an acknowledgment of what this flag represents. In the same way I object to the old Rhodesian flag the old South African flag and the Nazi flag. In fact any symbol that represents the unnecessary racist symbolism against another human.

        sanctimonious. making a show of being morally superior to other people.
        Yeah, this is you to a T.

      6. What African Americans? None I know, they are adults who don’t feel the need to re-fight battles they won a half-century ago.
        How about the common decency, the elemental humility, to not tell people what their symbol is supposed to mean, and simply let them define it for themselves? Why be such a preening moralistic busybody?
        If I consider myself so morally superior how come I never go around the internet looking for things to ban? I’m not the one who gets his panties bunched up over abstruse moral causes like wrong colored flags or your anti-hunting crusades.
        Your capacity for projection is astounding.
        Feel free to take the last word, I’m done repeating myself.
        Juvenile ad hominem in 3… 2… 1…

      7. Hey, dickhead, would you like to hear the point of view from a black man regarding this shitty rag or are do you speak for the African American community>
        I can arrange one to visit and comment on your fine blog. Just say the word.
        What projection you fucking idiot?

      8. Projection: attributing your own vices to others. Like calling an easy-going and tolerant guy like me “sanctimonious” when you are the one who wants to ban things you dislike and gets all in a tizzy over flags and photos like a little old lady.
        Or like the time you called a bunch of your buddies onto my blog to call me names because your own moralistic scolding was having no effect, and then you called me a bully. That projection had me laughing all day.
        Grow some self-awareness you cranky old fart.

      9. And what ‘vices’ would those be?

  3. I’m assuming you can’t possibly be this stupid, so obviously, you’re a racist masquerading as a non-racist. Stop wasting intelligent people’s time. You are the sort of moron that makes the Internet insipid.

    I suppose you never heard of the Nazi battle flag either. Makes one wonder why the Germans (under the direction of Americans) made that flag illegal. Because, you fucking idiot, racism shouldn’t be tolerated any more than you should.

    1. Yeah, I stopped thinking everyone who disagreed with me was either stupid or evil when I was 16. Some day you will catch up.
      Nazi battle flag? You mean the Swastika? It wasn’t a battle flag, but a political party flag. By that standard we should ban the Democrat donkey symbol because the Democrats were the party of slavery, the KKK and segregation right up to the 1960s. The Democrats were a party of institutional racism more recently than the Nazis.
      The German equivalent of a battle flag would have been the Iron Cross, something completely different and people find it inoffensive because they get the difference between Nazism and recognizing the bravery of German soldiers.
      I can’t tell you how to feel about pieces of cloth but I can council you that the Dukes of Hazard and Lynyrd Skynyrd mean you no harm.

  4. Amazing, but under the circumstances not really surprising; not once throughout this entire dialogue – much like all you other posts of a similar vein – have you expressed one iota of empathy.
    Neither have you had the balls to acknowledge the main reason for the flag in the first place – why the war was fought and the social elements involved.
    All you have tried to do is couch your version of Freedom of Speech in some warped view that this cannot possibly be representative of racism in any shape of form.

    You truly are a disingenuous prick, dp. And based on your approach, a closet racist as well.
    You are not a nice person at all.

    1. Empathy is not a very useful for guide for discerning action, it is highly selective and too often people use sentimentalism to justify evil acts. One can empathize and still disagree.
      I do know the history of the flag, but I do not see the need to re-fight the civil war over the Dukes of Hazard.
      And of course: raaaaacist! A claim which has zero content nowadays. Grow up.

      1. Every comment you make simply reinforces what you are.
        And so far this negative view has been echoed by pretty much every commenter you have engaged, dp.
        That you keep wanting to bring up the Dukes of Hazard – a rather puerile tv show of Ye aw good ole boys and yet STILL not address the real issue affirms what we have known all along abut you.
        You really are a silly little man.

      2. “Silly little man”
        More projection from the guy who spends long hours trying to get kicked off of Christian blogs.

      3. Lol …. forever the Dickhead, dp.
        You never fail to make me smile.

  5. This flag was aptly described as “Racial wallpaper”. What Honor is there in History of racism? Remember it was used by the states who wanted to keep human beings as slaves. Not much good there at all.

    1. The Democratic Party was the party of slavery until 1865, the party of the segregation until 1964, and harbored KKK members like Senator Robert Byrd in its ranks long after.
      The Democratic Party has inflicted more pain on blacks than a flag ever did.
      If a history of racism is so bad, shall we ban the Democrats too?
      Or should we just take them at their word that they are not racist anymore and let them be?

      1. Symbols have meaning. The symbol in question was used to support slavery and hatred. It is neither heroic nor honorable. I already explained it in my post.

      2. Symbols can change meaning. The Dukes of Hazard don’t mean any harm. Stop being such a prude.
        And here we have in our very midst, not a mere symbol, but the most dangerous racist organisation in the history of man (the Democrats), which dedicated itself to the systematic oppression of an entire race for two centuries, and you are angry about a symbol? A bit of colored cloth?
        Do you know what the Klan was? It was the militant wing of the Democratic Party. It existed to keep the South Democrat by intimidation. You don’t like a flag because of an association with racism from 50 years ago, and don’t say a peep about the political organisation that existed to oppress blacks?
        Be consistent and demand the Democrats disband over their long history of racism.

      3. Symbols mean things and as long as symbols of racism are used they are still racist in origin.

      4. The entire Democrat Party is racist in origin. Without it, no Civil War, no segregation, no KKK. Much worse than a flag could ever be.
        Why not ban Democrats?

      5. Because people aren’t symbols. People die and symbols remain behind. Why not ban all symbols of hatred all together, oh wait that would mean banning your friend the flag of the confederacy. It has root in and is a reminder to slavery and the fight to keep it.

        It’s as I already quoted Jon Stewart “racial wallpaper”.

        So unlike the symbol people die and therefore the democrats of today didn’t fight to “keep” humans as slaves. Those democrats are dead now.

      6. So “Democrat” was code for “systematic oppression of Negros” from 1785 to 1965, and that is OK because it is in the past, but the flag that implied racism in the past (but no longer) must be banned?
        The party that owned slaves and started the Civil War and the KKK is just peachy because that was 50 years ago but the battle flag is evil and must be forever banned, even if people who like it don’t think it is racist anymore?
        How many black people have been hurt by Democrats? Millions.
        How many black people have been hurt by the Dukes of Hazard?

      7. Democrats are people not a flag or symbol. That is frankly the point. You have to take your excuse to absolute ridiculous proportion to even make it half way arguable. That is the point.

        Yet you’re still to blind to see it. Just because “you” don’t think it’s racist doesn’t mean the people whose ancestors were formerly slaves under it don’t find it racist.

        That piece of cloth means something. Very true. It means we are proud to have fought to keep human beings as property, we are proud of how we treated them and we’re going to continue to remind them by flying it in their face.

        It’s quite literally a poke in the eye to everyone it used to oppress. If you’re too blinded by your own sense of honor for that flag then there is no further reason to discuss this further.

        You do not deny the racist origin of the flag and yet you don’t possess the processing capability to understand it’s still a racist symbol and seen that way by a majority of black people? Who did it oppress? Black people. So who is the only opinion that matters as to the racist or non racist message such a symbol gives? Is it the whites who used it to enslave human beings of dark skin color? Nope! It’s the blacks who get to tell YOU what they think and every national pole shows 2/3 to 3/4 of blacks calling that flag racist.

        Guess what those same blacks vote democrat. Good for them? Bad for them? Who cares. the point is Democrat is a person and NOT a symbol. Yes people can evolve but symbols like this will always mean to those they oppressed, oppression.

        Keep trying to beat the dead horse. Yes people change but symbols really don’t.

        “When broken down by race, three out of four whites – 73 percent – said the flag should continue flying, while 61 percent of blacks said it should come down.”

        See the divide? And those are South Carolinian voters! It didn’t oppress whites so sure they think it’s just peachy. BUT it DID oppress blacks and they want it gone!

      8. Blacks were not oppressed by a symbol, but by individuals. The symbol is an inanimate object.
        If you are so upset by a symbol, shouldn’t the Democrats at the very least change their name?
        I don’t think Niki Haley did the wrong thing in removing the flag from the statehouse. I do think this moral panic over the battle flag is stupid because it achieves nothing.
        All it does is bully people who like it for reasons that have nothing to do with racism. It isn’t my flag, or yours, it is theirs. They decide what it means, not us.
        Why this need to be a prude and a bully?

      9. And the symbol was used to demonstrate the oppression. It was the rallying call to which slavery was hung.

      10. And since the late 60’s it has meant something else to people who like it, just like these people have changed.

      11. 1) I take except that is the most racist symbol but ok so what
        2) If those it used to oppress still feel it’s oppressive why not just be big people and remove it?
        3) Who cares what it meant in the 60s so for most of it’s life you admit it meant something entirely different.

        It means “I will fight for the right to own slaves” and nothing more. Go south and they say the stupidest thing. “We’re still fighting the civil war down here”. or “The south will rise again.”

        See the stupidity? As long as that flag flies it means we will make you slaves again. We aren’t done yet.

      12. It meant “I want to keep my slaves” in 1865. I means “I love the south” in 2015.
        I’ve been to the South plenty of times on business: the idea that Southerners want to own slaves again is slanderous and stupid.
        Hey, should we ban the communist flag? Communists have killed 200 million people, oppressed over a billion and counting.

      13. You still don’t see the stupid level you must take to back you claim. I feel sorry for you honestly.

      14. From their representative..

        Larry Martin-R said he understands why blacks still oppose the flag’s display, given the history of “bitter hatred” expressed toward African Americans after Reconstruction.

        “I don’t believe the generation right behind me really appreciates just how divisive an experience this state had back in the Jim Crow era and the things that were done to black people,” Martin said. “I can understand the animus that a lot of minorities my age and older hold toward any symbol of the old South.”

        But, Martin added, it’s “time to move on.”

  6. I agree that this flag is a constant reminder of slavery. I should imagine rolling the flag out on one or two days a year to remember the men who died during the Civil War should be what it really represents as a battle flag. This would also make the flag commemorative of fallen soldiers and help prevent it from being degraded and dishonoured by idiots waving it on the internet like an ISIS flag for a reason to go out and murder people.

    1. Flags murder people?

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