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Top Moral Panics of My Lifetime

AIDS: Anyone, anywhere, can get it, at anytime. In a pubic restroom, at the dentists or borrowing a toothbrush! Violent Video Games teach kids to kill people! Subliminal Messages in Rock Music Teach Kids to Worship Satan. The game Dungeons and Dragons makes people worship Satan! One in five college girls are Victims of Rape!!!, because Columbia, […]

Moral Panics

Below is an old post about moral panics in America. The current panic over the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia (commonly and erroneously called the Confederate Flag, which is something completely different) is no different from any other moral panic we’ve ever had to suffer through, from witches in Salem to subliminal lyrics to campus rape […]


There are widespread calls to ban the Battle Flag of Northern Virginia (aka “The Confederate Flag”) after the murder of nine black churchgoers by a deranged boy. Republicans and Democrats alike call for it, because they are all incredibly stupid human beings. Here is an AMAZING FACT: the Battle Flag didn’t kill those nine people, […]

Decline and Fall, California Edition

Yesterday I quoted Bernard Lonergan on civilizational decline.  Today I discover Victor Davis Hanson talking about the drought in California: Let us face elemental reality. A 40-million person California is an iffy place. It is entirely dependent on a sophisticated, man-created infrastructure of dams, reservoirs, canals, pumps, freeways, rail lines, airports, and schools and universities. […]

Decline and Fall

A quote from Bernard Lonergan, SJ: A civilization in decline digs its own grave with relentless consistency. It cannot be argued out of its self-destructive ways, for argument has a major theoretical premise, theoretical premises are asked to conform to matters of fact, and the facts in the situation produced by decline more and more […]

Withdrawing from the World

A few weeks ago I wondered what Rod Dreher’s “Benedict Option” would look like in today’s culture. A committed Christian is never completely “of the world” but as the culture grows more aggressively stupid and vulgar he has to fight harder to separate himself from it. Christians have always known that the standards of God […]

It’s Not Bullying When I Do It.

This story raised the question of whether a black person can be racist. I don’t make any character judgments of the black person (a young college professor) in question. The “offensive” tweets and inflammatory Facebook comments (not at the link) are certainly in bad taste but at least one or two seem to have been […]