We’re Number Nine!


My current hometown of Clinton, MA came in as America’s 9th safest city according to FBI statistics complied by Safewise. I’m surprised to see Clinton called a city since it only has about 13,000 inhabitants.

Most of the towns on the list are wealthy, Clinton is not. It is a densely populated industrial town. Safewise attributes the high ranking to our “early childhood and adult education” programs, which is probably a line they got from town politicians trying to take credit for something they did not achieve. ESL classes are well attended, but our adult education programs are otherwise insignificant.

The reality, so far as I can see, is that there is high employment and established families, which are things politicians can’t create, but can only avoid destroying.

The community is tight-knit, many of the families having known each other from before they emigrated out of County Mayo or the Puerto Rican highlands. Clinton is a town where someone like me, who did not attend school here and whose parents came from out-of state, will always be an outsider.

That makes Clintonians parochial and maybe a little dull (Clinton townies have always bragged about having more bars per square mile than any other town in the United States… a claim which has been debunked numerous times) but it also seems to make it safe.

For some of my boyhood recollections of Clinton, read this post. 


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