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Entirely Predictable Outcomes: Thoughts on the Fall of Ramadi

When driving him from Kuwait, George H. W. Bush could have removed Saddam Hussein from power but did not, because the centerfugal ethnic and sectarian forces in Iraq that Saddam held together through fear would likely tear the country apart once he fell. President George W. Bush decided to remove Saddam from power in the hopes of […]

We’re Number Nine!

My current hometown of Clinton, MA came in as America’s 9th safest city according to FBI statistics complied by Safewise. I’m surprised to see Clinton called a city since it only has about 13,000 inhabitants. Most of the towns on the list are wealthy, Clinton is not. It is a densely populated industrial town. Safewise attributes […]

Four Movies That Hurt Me

As a boy at Our Lady of Jasna Gora Elementary School I always thrilled to the words teachers meeting, because it meant no classes for the last two periods of the day. Teachers meetings were held seemingly at random, every other year or so, perhaps in response to some crisis. Their very infrequency made them what every schoolchild […]