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Evil Hatey-Haters Get What They Deserve.

Gotta love a mob. Three observations: 1) People are stupid and cruel. 2) Who the fuck orders pizza for a wedding? 3) I’m wondering if my ambivalence about gay-marriage is mistaken. Maybe I should be straight up against it, given the feces-flinging lower-primate behavior it seems to encourage in its proponents. I don’t want to be seen or […]


Please ignore the Russian tanks pouring into Ukraine and the Iranians getting themselves nuclear weapons. The greatest threat to world peace right now is Indiana bakery owners. I don’t know whether the details of Indiana’s version of the RFRA make for a good law or not (and not living there, I couldn’t care less) but I […]


One way to define the difference between a regular belief and a sacred belief is that people who hold sacred beliefs think it is morally wrong for anyone to question those beliefs. If someone does question those beliefs, they’re not just being stupid or even depraved, they’re actively doing violence. They might as well be […]