Want to be a radical? Homeschool your kids.

Kevin Williamson has been on a roll lately, and since this latest article deals with something about which I can intelligently comment, I shall repost it.

To sum up: the government hates the homeschooling movement because it is a symbolic threat to government power.

1. I was never homeschooled myself, but many of my friends growing up were educated at home for at least a few years. They were bright, normal kids, who have generally grown into bright, normal adults. The only exceptions I can think of were a couple of girls with a particularly needy mother who probably would have done better in a traditional school. The arguments against homeschooling seem to be based largely on prejudice.

2. American public school educators criticizing alternative schooling is a stupefying hypocrisy: Though there are exceptions, U.S. public schools are an international disgrace, and everyone knows it. Pots, kettles, etc.

3. One of the most glaring conflicts of interest in local American politics is the fact that in many states, teachers (who are government employees) by law must unionize, their union dues are garnished from their paychecks before they even see them, and those dues are given directly to politicians: essentially the state paying itself. Attempts to break up this racket are met with violence.

American education is based on a factory model, with the teachers as line workers and the kids as serialized products. This arrangement is a failure and has to end.


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