Ritual Hate Update!

Comedienne, Gay Rights Activist and 9-11 Truther Rosie O’Donnell is now being attacked for this picture:


Nice Catch!

She and her children enjoy fishing for sharks. The particular subspecies of hammerhead in the photo is now protected on the U.S. Endangered Species list, though it was not when the photo was taken. But the fact that she was engaging in legal activity does not matter; she must be punished. Since she was recently named co-host of a popular TV show, the calls have come out for her to be fired.

Fired, that is, have her means of livelihood taken away.

This article sums up why she should be fired:

In a time when a teenage hunter of endangered land animals is considered so offensive that Facebook removed her photos, one of the most-watched and most-honored talk shows in the country should not give a voice to someone who did the same thing with an endangered ocean animal.

Let me translate that into ordinary English in order to make it understandable:

In a time in which emotionally incontinent, power-hungry and puritanical creeps like me have discovered that thanks to the internet we can bully businesses and destroy people’s careers and reputations for engaging in perfectly legal and normal forms of recreation, the sponsors and networks had better do what we say, or we will make them suffer.

Clear? Great.

I especially liked the bit in the original article about “should not give a voice to someone”, meaning the author is pretty much declaring himself a fascist. It makes sense, because “moral outrage” – selective, capricious, and easily faked in oneself or whipped up in idiots – is mostly about power.

Here is a mind-bending concept! I think Rosie O’Donnell’s 9-11 ideas are capital-“S” Stupid, and I am not afraid to say so. I also remember her stand-up routines from the early 90’s: they were hilarious. I also remember her role in the movie A League of their Own; she was great. I see no reason why she can’t have a career as an entertainer in spite of being a Truther. I do not expect her to publicly grovel and ask for forgiveness for having doubted that Al-Qaeda was responsible for 9-11. I do not want to see her destroyed for having a dumb idea.

Which, nowadays, makes me a bad person.

P.S. The Salon.com article above promised that if I went to the website of Rosie O’Donnell’s preferred charter company, I would see pictures of dead fish, and lots of girls in bikinis. I was disappointed: it was lots of dead fish (seen one, seen ’em all), and a mere handful of girls in bikinis. Sad.


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