As the world burns

I usually avoid politics. I am a registered “I” (Independent or Indifferent, I don’t remember which) but I’ve reached the breaking point. Excuse me while I rant:

At the Republican Convention of 2012, Clint Eastwood did a Bob Newhart-style one-sided interview with an imaginary Barack Obama, represented by an empty chair.

Thursday RNC

Predictably, most of the Republicans in the room didn’t get it. Every media commentator I listened to called it “painful to watch” and dismissed it as the rantings of an old man well past his artistic prime.

I never watch political speeches, but out of curiosity I looked up Eastwood’s act on YouTube. I thought it was good.

Now, re-watching it two years later, I think it is one of the most brilliant pieces of political satire I’ve ever seen. Less funny, but much more insightful, than Tina Fey’s now classic take-down of Sarah Palin.

Because long before others, Eastwood understood the fundamental vacuity of President Obama. The image of an empty chair with a teleprompter sums up Obama’s style of governance.

Here is the state of the Union this summer:

  • The Southern border has effectively ceased to exist.
  • The U.S. economy shrank by three percent last quarter.
  • The price of food is going up, which the government always claims is not inflation, but if it isn’t inflation, what the hell is?
  • The percentage of able-bodied adults working is as low as it has ever been.
  • The Middle East, always of U.S. concern, is in general chaos: Libya a failed state, Iraq practically dissolved, another Palestinian-Israeli war underway, Syria still in an awful civil war, and Iran inching closer to the bomb.
  • China is becoming more aggressive with its weaker neighbors, prompting Japan to rearm.
  • Russia is in the process of annexing more of Ukraine. “Ukrainian separatists” (that is, Russian special forces) just shot down a passenger jet killing almost 300 people. Russian bombers have resumed their Cold-War flights 50 miles off the U.S. Pacific Coast.

Here is how Obama is spending his summer:


Two more years of this clown?

It seems that Obama’s new tactic is to engage the American people by pretending to be an ordinary guy hanging out at bars. His slogan this summer is “The Bear is Loose”… to shit in the woods I suppose. I don’t care if he wants to hang out at bars in his free time, but I very much care that he take an interest in his job.

If I were a member of congress I’d be asking the White House to release the President’s medical records to find out what sort of medications he is on: is he clinically depressed? Does he suffer from bi-polar disorder? If he is not being medicated, should he be? But Senate Majority leader Harry Reid (D) spends his days ranting conspiracy theories about the Koch brothers (read his speeches, replace “Koch brothers” with “Communists” and tell me he does not sound like Joe McCarthy!) and Speaker of the House John Boehner (R) is wasting his time with political stunts.

I’m just a blowhard and inconsistent blogger with four readers. I have no idea how to solve the problems I listed above, but I don’t think it is too much to ask that the leaders of the country pretend to care.

This nation is being run by idiots.

Sigh! OK, now that I’m done with that, is there any kind of intelligent analysis that can take place?

Only this: it was plain to me in 2008 that Obama, a first term Senator with no voting record who never seemed to have held a real job in his life, was not qualified to be president. (Since the other option was Senator John McCain, war-hero turned self-serving prick, I did not vote. I did vote for Romney.) The question I have is how was it possible for so many people, particularly the supposedly cynical media types, to be taken up in Obamamania? Why did they choose to believe in a baseless fantasy, an adolescent political messianism?

Maybe that will be the subject of a future post.


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