Monthly Archives: May 2014

Hauerwas on Watership Down

Since I studied theology in Europe I had little exposure to English-language theologians, who are looked down upon on the Continent, where they prefer a more systematic/rationalist approach to the give-and-take dialogue style of the “Anglo-Saxons”. This weekend I decided to start rectifying the situation and picked up a collection of essays by Stanley Hauerwas, and […]

The Devil at Harvard?

It seems a group of students at Harvard University are hosting a Black Mass as a “cultural event”, saddening the Diocese of Boston. I never cared for those Harvard snobs* and find it hard to get upset over this sort of thing: brats will be brats. What I find deeply annoying is some of the […]

From the archives: Love in the Ruins

    For some reason this old post about an obscure book by an obscure author has been getting allot of views from search engines lately. Could it be that I am not the last Walker Percy fan left on earth? Is there renewed interest in Southern-Gothic and Bad Catholics? Or could it be the fact […]