Monthly Archives: February 2014

Woodland Puzzles

Skiing, snowmobiling, skating, and ice fishing are great fun if you are with friends and have time and money to burn. This weekend, however, money has been short and I’ve been in a more solitary mood. So I’ve gone back to a reliable old pastime: animal tracking. It is a hobby I first developed a […]

First in Line (part 2)

Part two of a short(ish) story. Part one is here.  Drawing nearer to the casket even Irish Americans from North Jersey start keeping their voices down, so they joked in hoarse whispers, except for Grandma, who was past the age of caring. “God!” said Grandma, “I’ve been to so many funerals lately I should get […]

First in Line (part 1)

Since my last two posts were works of fiction, I figured I would dig up out of my hard-drive the only other piece of fiction I’ve ever tried writing as an adult. I wrote this about four years ago while studying theology and was trying to wrap my head around the notion of eternal life, […]

Evolving Standards of Intelligent Debate

Evolving Standards of Intelligent Debate Two people having a public debate on evolution without having studied biology at the graduate level… I hope they both remember to bring their clown costumes. Check out the link above for more thoughts from National Review’s Resident Grown-Up.