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Tales of Absolute Morality (2)

Pedro de Garza, 1480 AD Don Hernan, a low ranking nobleman, arrives weary and distressed to the country home of a well-to-do fellow knight, Don Alberto, who is just sitting down to an evening merienda in the courtyard. Don Alberto: Hernan! What is the matter with you? Something awful has happened! Sit, let me pour […]

Tales of Absolute Morality

A discussion on another blog about culture and morals has led me to want to explore what it means to be human in a very alien historical context. Morals are shaped by culture, but the fact that we can even engage in this sort of exercise below would suggest that morals, to some degree, transcend culture.   Please […]

Words to live by

Words to live by: People who disagree with me are not stupid or evil… they are both. Some people forget this maxim by the time they graduate high school; most, shortly after college graduation. But a few, a blessed few, stay true to the ideal well beyond adolescence and into adulthood. They are our leaders: […]