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More on Phil Robertson and the Gays

A friend recently shared this article on facebook. There is allot of good stuff in this article, and in some ways it is clarifying, but it starts out with an unforgivable vagueness: Q: If I don’t agree with homosexuality, but don’t wish homosexuals to be put to death, does that make me a bigot? A: […]

Phil Robertson and the Perpetual Outrage Machine

A few months ago I wrote a post pointing out a similarity between Phil Robertson’s philosophy of life and Aristotle’s ethics: both are based on the notion that human beings are meant to be happy. Unabashed happiness is, I think, the reason for the success of Duck Dynasty. Now Mr Robertson, an Evangelical Christian (really something […]

The Meaning Bleeds Out

Repeated enough, words lose their meaning. We’ve all heard an empty “I’m sorry” or a dry “I love you too.” I got a rude reminder of this phenomena watching a YouTube video: I’ve probably heard Giuseppe Verdi’s “Chorus of the Hebrew Slaves” a hundred times. I sang it in a choir before I ever learned […]

From the Vault: Race, Taste and Gun Control

Since we recently observed the first year anniversary of the awful mass shooting in Newtown Connecticut, I figured I’d repost these reflections. It is interesting to note that the legislative push for stricter gun control that followed Newtown was a colossal failure. Federal initiatives spearheaded by the President himself collapsed, as did most State initiatives. Legislators in Colorado […]

Strike a Pose

In theory, modern politics should be simple. In any political order there are a set of cultural ideals which serve as goals, and politics is the art of choosing the means to reach those goals. The goal may be something like minimizing violent crime, and the available means can be more money for law enforcement, […]