Monthly Archives: June 2013

No Fun Allowed!

A few months ago I complained in a post about all the hoops my home state makes me jump through to get a hunting licence. Well, I am on the verge of completing one of my requirements, participation in a hunter’s education course. It has been much more fun than I imagined it would be. […]

Book Review: The Glass Bead Game

I am about halfway through Herman Hesse’s 1946 novelĀ The Glass Bead Game. It takes place in the distant future, some five centuries from now in which the 20th century is remembered like one remembers a bad dream from his childhood, vague and unpleasant. Hesse imagines the distant future as a safe, stable world in which […]

Book Review: Walker Percy’s Love In the Ruins

LoveĀ in the Ruins, an apocalyptic comedy, was published in 1971 and takes place in what then would have been the “near future” of the early 1990’s. The place is Louisiana. The good old USA finds itself in a state of decline as liberals fight it out with conservatives, black guerrillas fight against whites, hippies living […]