The First Culture War


We are living through a long period of cultural crisis. The nice thing is that cultures undergo crises all the time, so we can always look back and learn some lessons.

Lately I’ve been thinking about a theme that I wrote an article about some time ago (God, has it been two years already?) about the similarities between ancient Rome’s transition from paganism to Christianity and today’s transition from Christianity to whatever it is that folks today are saying they believe.

Rereading the article I find the style a little too dense, but then again I’m trying to squeeze in a great deal of information. Since I was writing the article for a Catholic website, I tried to end on a bright note, but it comes off as being superficial: just how Christian “belief” is different from pagan “belief” is a complex theme I did not have time to do justice to.

Anyway, here is the link. If you have any thoughts feel free to come back here and share them; I’m always looking for new ideas.

The First Culture War

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