Monthly Archives: March 2013

The New Testament’s disgust with politics

What follows is not a spiritual reflection, but a historical observation. I do not presume to be a very spiritual person, but I can read the Bible with some historical knowledge and a little bit of theological training. Today is Palm Sunday, a strange feast day in which the faithful go to church to celebrate Jesus’ triumphant […]

The First Culture War

We are living through a long period of cultural crisis. The nice thing is that cultures undergo crises all the time, so we can always look back and learn some lessons. Lately I’ve been thinking about a theme that I wrote an article about some time ago (God, has it been two years already?) about the […]

Race, taste, and gun control.

Since so many people have been writing about gun control since the horrific events of Newtown CT, I did not think I could offer anything new to the discussion. But in the last few weeks I’ve had a few thoughts on the subject that I have not seen anywhere else. 1) When I was a […]