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Seven Habits of Highly Defective…

Today we are looking at the fifth book on my list of books that have changed the way I think about things: Stephen Covey’s The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People. Stop laughing, I know I am not particularly effective. The point is not so much how this book has made me a more successful person, but how […]

Book Review: A Place on Earth

Today’s book is A Place On Earth by Wendell Berry, which describes the impact of the Second World War and other disasters, both human and natural, on a small farming community in Kentucky. This book did not so much determine how I think about issues as make me conscious of problems that I had not thought carefully about […]

Till We Have Faces (Part 2)

Since I do not have much time to write a full length book review tonight, I thought I would revisit an idea that didn’t fit into my review of C. S. Lewis’ Till We Have Faces. All of Lewis’ major works of fiction feature pagan gods as characters. The gods play a large role in his science […]

Russel Kirk on American Civilization

On to book number three: Russel Kirk’s The Roots of American Order. Back in the 19th century Marx had leveled a new criticism against civilization, that the entire social order was nothing other than an elaborate ruse designed to hide the fact that the rich were exploiting the working class. Religion taught that rich and poor were equal […]

Book Review: ‘Till We Have Faces

Most authors write their best novels early in their careers and then spend their remaining decades repeating themselves. Lewis was the opposite: he began publishing in middle age, producing (besides numerous works of Christian apologetics) the famous Chronicles of Narnia and a popular sci-fi trilogy. But Lewis saved his best for last, writing Till We Have Faces shortly before his death. It […]

George Orwell

  A few years ago I came across a collection of the journalism, essays, and letters of George Orwell in a Roman library, and was thrilled to have something interesting to read in English. The set had originally been of four volumes, but since the first two books were missing, I had to be content with reading […]