Monthly Archives: December 2012

Book Review: The Scarlet City

Last week I read Hella Haasse’s The Scarlet City, a book of historical fiction about the months leading up to the sack of Rome in 1527, when the troops of the German Emperor Charles V went on a month long spree of looting, rape, murder and arson in the Eternal City. The early 1500’s marked the […]

More on culture and convictions.

In yesterday’s post I argued against an overly simplistic view of how individuals accept the ideas of their own cultures. On the one hand, we cannot say that our ideas about the meaning of life are independent of our cultural backgrounds; on the other, we cannot simply dismiss people’s opinions as the result of cultural conditioning, since […]

Culture Warriors.

A friend of mine posted on facebook: I find the argument that people generally belong to a given religion based on the place where they were born or the family into which they were born to be one of atheism’s weakest arguments and I also find it to be personally insulting, and you should too. […]