Monthly Archives: October 2012

Book Review: Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion

Friends and acquaintances have recommended Richard Dawkins’ The God Delusion to  me since it was published six years ago, but I’ve only gotten around to reading it now. After all the reviews and responses already written about it I doubt I will say anything new, but then again if humanity were limited to saying new things 98% of authors […]

Conspiracy Theories

On my last post an old friend asked why people were so susceptible to conspiracy theories. I have been thinking about it some more, and I have to admit that I do not have a clear answer, but I thought I would share my observations. We humans understand the world around us by making stories […]

What really happened to the Templar treasure?

Saturday I watched a History Channel documentary about the Knights Templar. The documentary was a mix of solid historical research and wild speculations, and I found myself feeling sorry for the serious historians whose opinions got sandwiched between interviews of conspiracy theorists. The Templars were a strange product of the Crusades. We remember them as warriors, but […]

The Evolution of Creationism.

Just as a follow up (and closure) on last week’s posts on evolution: We saw that there is nothing objectionable about evolution in general, understood as the observation that species change over time and seem to be interrelated. I however expressed doubts about the mechanisms proposed as the drivers of evolution: they strike me as more […]