All about the Koran

There is growing consensus among scholars of Arabic that the line in the Koran promising 72 virgins  in paradise to those who die for Islam is actually a result of a scribal error. The original text would have read “72 raisins.” Raisins were a highly prized foodstuff in the ancient Middle East (moist, sweet and nourishing) so it makes sense.

One… two…  Now don’t eat them all at once!

Islam was once a relatively easy-going religion: practical, simple, and tolerant of other faiths so long as they paid their taxes. So how did  it become the religion of perpetual outrage? Well, first of all the creeps who go rioting and shooting up embassies represent a tiny minority of Muslims. Second, outrage is a political tool, whipped up (or faked) for political ends.

I wrote an article about the many uses of outrage a while back. Check it out:






  1. Ok…I had to chuckle at this. You get one stat for sarcastic humor on such a serious subject….lol

  2. Missplelling….stat should say star.

  3. has nominated Truth and Tolerance for the coveted ‘Thought provoking blog Award. Thank you for an interesting and thought provoking blog.

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