More Reader’s Digest Condensed Poetry

Thanks to Reader’s Digest, I was able to read a hundred or so poems by Mr Tennyson this afternoon, and I’ve learned to love the ethereal beauty of Victorian poetry. Thank goodness I have the annotated version, or it would have been over my head. This one is my favorites:

The Idylls of the King

Alfred Lord Tennyson

There once was a gal from Shallot*

Who sure loved her Lance-allot.**

She hopped in a boat

And when it started to float***

She says “O! By the curse I’ve been caught!”****


End Notes:

* Shallot: Town in France that grows onions.

** Refers to Lancelot, a knight who looked like Richard Gere. Unfortunately for the Lady of Shallot, he was already in love with Sean Connery’s wife.

*** Boats float. See above diagram.

**** She was, like, cursed or something.

One comment

  1. Just browsing through the reader and the picture caught my eye. I can’t resist taking time to gaze at a Pre-Raphaelite, when I see it. Love Tennyson too. The Lotus Eaters is my favorite.

    **Lancelot’s a fool! Sean Connery’s wife!!! Over that princess? Get real!
    ***Most of the time. Not always. Ask Leonardo DiCaprio.

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