Reader’s Digest Condensed Poems

For decades Readers Digest has already done the heavy lifting of reading and understanding literature for us. I find their Condensed Poems series is a great doorway to broader cultural horizons. I included a couple of my favorites below:

Who has time for epic poetry nowadays? Now we all do!


The Aeneid of Virgil

I sing of Arms and a Man

Who snuck out of Troy with a Band

Tho’ he felt kinda hurt

When his girlfriend got burnt

He still conquered Italy’s land.

And of course, my favourite, Robert Frost:

The Road Less Travelled

Robert Frost

Two roads diverged in a wood,

So I thought as hard as I could:

If I take the one

I might have some fun,

But the other might be just as good!”

Isn’t that easy? Thanks Reader’s Digest!

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