So why start a blog?

Ours is an interesting, befuddling, infuriating world; just when we think we have things figured out, something new pops up and surprises us. The more we try to squeeze our experiences into neat little mental boxes, the less sense they end up making.

Rather than give up trying to make sense of things, I prefer to think my way through them. And since I do not know very well what I think until I write it down, stew over it, and talk to other people about it, a blog struck me as a good idea.

Here are a few things I’ll be talking about:

Politics and Ideology: Hopefully without sinking into partisan debates. I’d rather ask myself why politicians say the stupid things they do than debate which politician is less stupid.

Books and Movies: I know it is a cliche, but they do in fact tell us something about ourselves.

History and Travel: As wonderful as they are, the arguments and struggles of early 21st century America are not the final word of the human experience. Every once in a while it is good to put yourself outside it to gain some perspective.

The phrase Truth and Tolerance comes from the title of a collection of essays by the theologian Joseph Ratzinger about the possibility of knowing the truth given all the variations of human culture, history and religion. Besides being a fascinating book, the title sums up my own attitude toward all the opinions flying around out there: yes we can know the truth about things, but that does not make people who disagree with us stupid or evil.


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