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It is that time of year again, ‘tis the season, ‘tis the season for noun! Inspired by other bestselling Christmas novels about jars, boxes, letters, and sweaters, I decided that I too was entitled to write a Christmas novel featuring the magical powers of a noun. This is the…

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“Protestant culture decayed from within from a number of causes, all probably connected, although it is difficult to trace the connection; all probably proceeding from what physicists call the “auto-toxic” condition of the Protestant culture. We say that an organism has become “auto-toxic” when it is beginning to poison itself,…

I’ve been thinking about a few ideas about philosophy and religion, trying to draw them together in a sharper synthesis. It is a good exercise. What follows is not meant to be a polished essay, not even a draft, more of an exploration. I might do a few more like this and try to tighten up […]

Still River 009

The village of Still River, Massachusetts, is named for the oxbow of the Nashua River at the bottom of the hill on which it sits. It is one of the few corners left in central Massachusetts which looks more or less like it did two centuries ago. The lazy little Still River itself meanders through […]

Williamson does it again. This time he fisks actor Russel Brand. I particularly like this line: Socialism is not a series of statements about how the world should be; rather, it is a series of statements about how the world is, and those statements are false.

I was taught to read according to the Phonics method, which is probably superior to the look-and-speak method used nowadays. Phonics is not perfect however, English spelling being based not so much on hard and fast rules as much as tradition. Learning Phonics and growing up in New England made spelling hard, since around here “A” and […]

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There’s this disturbing trend I’ve observed recently – okay, the last thirty years. It’s part of what I was talking about yesterday, in a way. For a book to be considered serious, or introspective or relevant, it has to attack the past or western culture or civilization or tech…


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