I originally wrote this for Palm Sunday 2013 with the title The New Testament’s Disgust with Politics. Perhaps I read the NT’s attitude towards the political order as more pessimistic than it really is. St. Paul, for example, seems to have been a critical, but patriotic Roman. A Christianity which is purely otherworldly becomes Gnosticism: anti-history, anti-Incarnation, ultimately anti-human. […]

1) The political right-wing of the internet has been having fun with a histrionic article that appeared on Gawker a few days ago. The article advocates the legal suppression of views contrary to the theory of man-made global warming*. (I hate linking to it, since it was probably written as click-bait, but if I am going to […]

Originally posted on Dover Beach:
“Are we not perhaps all afraid in some way? If we let Christ enter fully into our lives, if we open ourselves totally to him, are we not afraid that He might take something away from us? Are we not perhaps afraid to give up something significant, something unique, something…

Atheists at Richard Dawkins lecture.

Since I’ve read a few atheist blogs, perused a couple of atheist books, and once trolled an atheist on twitter, I feel like I am an expert on the subject of atheism. Here are a few facts I’ve learned: Fact #1: Atheists are fanbois. Their peans to the intellectual and moral virtues of Richard Dawkins, […]

tracks 015

Skiing, snowmobiling, skating, and ice fishing are great fun if you are with friends and have time and money to burn. This weekend, however, money has been short and I’ve been in a more solitary mood. So I’ve gone back to a reliable old pastime: animal tracking. It is a hobby I first developed a […]

Part two of a short(ish) story. Part one is here.  Drawing nearer to the casket even Irish Americans from North Jersey start keeping their voices down, so they joked in hoarse whispers, except for Grandma, who was past the age of caring. “God!” said Grandma, “I’ve been to so many funerals lately I should get […]

Since my last two posts were works of fiction, I figured I would dig up out of my hard-drive the only other piece of fiction I’ve ever tried writing as an adult. I wrote this about four years ago while studying theology and was trying to wrap my head around the notion of eternal life, […]


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