I do not consider myself a libertarian or anarchist; I believe government exists to promote the common good. But I also believe 1) that the only way to have good government is to cultivate transparency and accountability; 2) the only way to have transparent and accountable government is to have a limited government; and 3) […]

It feels like I’ve had this conversation a thousand times: Angry Person: The Israelis are once again attacking Gaza! Who will stop this tragedy? Me: Hamas will stop it, once they renounce terrorism. Angry Person: Over 1000 Gazans have died during the war, only a few dozen Israelis. Who are the realĀ terrorists? Me: The ones […]

A discussion on my last postĀ centered on trust and mistrust of government. I’m all in favor of honest government and abiding the law, but honest government is not a given; it can rapidly devolve into a racket. What happened in Boston in the 1980’s and 1990’s is too common in American cities. Here is a […]

My fellow Americans, Maybe “hate” is too strong a word for what your average government official feels for the average American citizen: “despises” or “holds in utter contempt” is probably closer. Petty corruption, abuse of funds, abuse of power, juvenile ideological biases, and simple incompetence have stained every federal agency during the Obama administration, and […]

A white man kills a black teenager, claiming he acted in self-preservation, though there are few or no credible witnesses. The dead youth is remembered as a model citizen, struggling to rise above prejudice and poverty, a martyr for the cause of racial justice. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson demand action. Demonstrations devolve into race […]

Kevin Williamson has been on a roll lately, and since this latest article deals with something about which I can intelligently comment, I shall repost it. To sum up: the government hates the homeschooling movement because it is a symbolic threat to government power. 1. I was never homeschooled myself, but many of my friends […]

There is a massive artifact testifying to existence and work of Jesus, which is called the church. It can be categorized as a society, a culture, a corporation, or a network. It is the main source. Unsurprisingly, the oldest churches have the most historical continuity with Jesus’ first century movement: this would mean the various […]


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